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Our Story

JP Extreme is the ultimate online hub for Jeep lovers. Supported by over 2 million highly engaged social media followers in 131 countries.

Created in May 2016, JP Extreme has turned into one of the fastest growing and most recognized brands in the Jeep world.

This growth comes from a devotion to creating and sharing the most relatable content to our loyal tribe of Jeep lovers.

We are proud to partner with emerging brands in the Jeep world and the world, in general, to bring you Jeep inspired apparel, jewellery and accessories. We use our amazing community to promote awesome products & deals from amazing manufacturers, jewellery makers and designers!

We don’t strive to compete with anyone. We simply want to provide Jeep lovers with awesome gear backed up with amazing customer support.

If you have any questions use our live chat or contact us and one of the team will respond ASAP.

Enjoy your experience!

JP Extreme.